“To improve the life of people by helping Healthcare providers detect, diagnose, treat and prevent diseases with the best possible image quality, and the utmost comfort for patients“


Paramed is committed to elevating the standard of care in detection, diagnosis and follow-up, thus improving patient outcomes



Who we are


Paramed Medical Systems designs and produces OPEN MRI systems with unique features and benefits, providing outstanding performance and unparalleled patient comfort.


Merging design innovation with leading-edge medical technology, Paramed provides advanced solutions in diagnostic imaging, delivering exceptional value to the global community of Healthcare Providers.


The company’s flagship product, the MROpen system, is the only superconductive MRI with a “totally open” magnet design, that allows Multi-position imaging including advanced weight-bearing and functional studies, besides providing the highest comfort for patients.


Paramed’s greatest asset is its people, who combine skills and expertise with a genuine passion for Healthcare and MRI, making the difference every day for both patients and physicians.



Paramed Worldwide


Paramed is operating in four continents and constantly expanding its global presence.



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