High-Tech Value Chain


Based in Italy in the high-tech district of Genoa, Paramed Medical Systems is part of a high-tech value chain owned by the Malacalza family, with operations spanning from superconductivity to advanced materials and magnet technology.


The value chain includes Paramed and two other flagship companies: Columbus Superconductors, manufacturer of the unique “cryogen free” superconductive wire, and ASG Superconductors, manufacturer of leading-edge superconductive magnets, that has engineered the magnet used in Paramed’s MRI system.



    ASG Superconductors




     Columbus Superconductors



Paramed has been able to leverage this breakthrough technology by combining it with its strong know-how and expertise in MRI, creating the first superconductive cryogen free and truly open MRI system in the world, the MROpen.


From the superconducting wire in MgB2 (Columbus), to the magnet design (ASG), to the MRI system (Paramed), a med-tech value-chain was created as a result of the close collaboration between companies with complementary skills and expertise, that all share a culture of excellence, a combined know-how, and a common vision of the future.


This synergy has been essential to our success, contributing  significantly in achieving our goals of expanding globally.



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