1998                  Foundation

Paramed Srl is founded by an entrepreneurial group of professionals headed by Roberto Dutto, with a strong knowledge of the MRI Industry, and a solid experience in both technology and the marketplace.



2002                  First dedicated extremity MRI scannerMrJ

Paramed enters the Osteoarticular segment of the MRI Global Market with a dedicated MRI scanner, the MrJ, that provides excellent MR imaging of the joints.


Collaboration with the University of Genoa and other academic partners is initiated.



2003 – 2006      Growth and consolidation

Paramed continues to deliver improvements in product quality and enters the USA market


Name change into Paramed Medical Systems.


Paramed starts partnerships with Columbus Superconductors and ASG Superconductors.



2007                  First complete Musculoskeletal MRI solutionMrJ XT

Paramed takes the lead in Dedicated MRI with a complete solution for Musculoskeletal MRI – the MrJ XT – which provides complete imaging of all joints as well as of the Cervical Spine and Lumbar Spine.



2010                  MROpen : Re-defining  Open MRI

Paramed brings to market the first “open sky” superconductive MRI with cryogen-free technology (MgB2), which is set to change the future of Open MRI for years to come.


Thanks to its innovative technology and revolutionary design, MROpen is changing the clinical approach towards pathologies of the Spine and Joints, and introduces a “patient-centric” approach in the MRI clinical routine.



2010                  Paramed redefines its Company Mission.



2010 – 2012      International Expansion

Paramed starts expanding internationally, entering new markets and new regions worldwide.



2013                  MrJ3300

Paramed introduces the next generation of Dedicated MRI, the MrJ3300, consolidating its lead in Dedicated Musculoskeletal MRI.



Paramed sets new vision of becoming a truly global company with a recognized brand and a solid market presence worldwide in the Medical Equipment Industry.


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