The lightest MRI experience ever.


MROpen provides  exceptional patient  comfort, unequalled in the industry, delivering a light MRI examination in a relaxing and reassuring environment.


You can walk into the scanner and, depending on which part is being scanned, you can sit, lie slightly backward, lie horizontally or even stand.


With no barrier between the patient and the surrounding environment, patients can see around them at all times or enjoy watching TV while comfortably seated in the scanner undergoing an MRI procedure.


All this simply can’t happen in conventional closed MRIs or even in “traditionally open” (C-shaped) systems.


Claustrophobic reactions have so far never occurred in any one MROpen clinical site.

Patient anxiety appears like a memory of the past.


The vertical opening accommodates larger, claustrophobic, elderly or young patients, or those who are in pain, by providing an Open Sky environment.


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has redefined patient comfort