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MROpen unit to be installed at University of Nottingham - UK

Paramed Medical Systems (Paramed) sold  MROpen unit to the University of Nottingham (UoN) – United Kingdom – home of the Peter Mansfield MRI laboratory, one of the most prestigious MRI centers in the World, named after Sir Peter Mansfield Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2003 (for his discoveries and inventions in MRI).


The unit will be installed at Queens Medical School in early 2016 – as part of a leading 10M euro national Research Project on Multinuclear MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging applied using the nuclei of polarized Xenon gas)


The grant has enabled UoN to acquire the most advanced MRI technology available on the market, including top level 1.5T, 3.0T and 7.0 Tesla MRI units.

The Paramed unit will be the first Upright MRI unit in the World with Multi-nuclear capability (able to work with Xenon gas on Lungs and other advanced innovative applications).'s_Medical_Centre

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