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MROpen unit installed in Cardiff (UK)



Paramed Medical Systems is installing the 7th MROpen unit in the United Kingdom and the first one in Wales.  The scanner will be located at the European Scanning Centre’s new Centre in Cardiff.  ESC currently operates MROpen scanners in London’s Harley Street and in Manchester.


The Open MRI scanner, engineered and developed by Paramed, is the only superconductive scanner that is completely open above, in front and behind the patient. The system is designed to give patients who suffer from claustrophobia a better experience, but it also allows scans to be performed in the position of maximum symptoms: standing, sitting, bending or lying down.   The MROpen provides exceptional patient comfort, unequalled in the industry, delivering a MRI examination in a relaxed and reassuring environment. The patient can walk into the scanner and, depending on which part is being scanned, sit, recline, lie horizontally or even stand.  With no barrier between the patient and the surrounding environment, patients can see around them at all times, listen to music or enjoy watching TV while comfortably undergoing an MRI procedure.


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