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The first MROpen for the Scandinavian Region

Paramed Medical System has installed an MROpen scanner in Denmark at the Regional Hospital in Silkeborg.


“This novel way of creating images – Mr. Lau Brix reports -  is new to our department and we will therefore primarily use it for research within the fields of orthopaedics, rheumatology, gastroenterology and more general radiology (e.g. claustrophobics).

The unit, the first one for the Scandinavian Region, is now being thoroughly tested before going into clinical production: we expect to carry out the first patient scan during the summer 2017”


Look the video where, Lau Brix, (MR Physicist - MIDT, Department of Procurement & Clinical Engineering, Section R&D) shows the capabilities of the new scanner, MROpen, installed at Silkeborg Regional Hospital


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