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3 Units, 1 Company



We wish to inform you that starting from November 1, 2018 ASG Superconductors will be organized in three operative units: Magnets & systems unit, Columbus MgB2 wire unit and Paramed MRI unit. The reorganization follows the merger by incorporation of the wholly-owned subsidiaries Columbus Superconductors S.r.l. and Paramed S.r.l decided by the Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting of ASG Superconductors S.p.A, held on 12/07/2018.


Competence and ability to work with cutting edge technology and hi-tech materials will remain as a common background. Managers, technicians and all the people who work at ASG Superconductors renew every day their commitment to increase productive capacity and technological skills, collaborating worldwide with the main scientific research institutes and with sector’s market leaders. The aim of the new ASG Superconductors is to increase the synergies and knowledge of the three units with focus to remain an Italian company worldwide leader in the magnets for research and industrial sector as well. This will improve also our effort in developing and marketing the MgB₂ – Magnesium Diboride superconducting wires, and the MRI, energy, med-tech, industrial systems.


In the next weeks we’ll keep you informed on our social media channels about the new ASG Superconductors, products and systems evolution, fairs and events of the three units. A new website will arrive soon. Stay tuned!

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