Patient Feedback


“As a claustrophobic patient who even needed valium to use an “Open MRI Centre”, I can only applaud the Upright MRI Centre. It is definitely the nicest MRI scan I have ever had!!”


“Can I just thank you for the excellent service you offered me today. Having had two major claustrophobic panic attacks when attempting to use other MRI scanners, it was a delight to be able to sit comfortably and watch TV whilst in your upright scanner with no claustrophobia at all. Should I ever need another scan you will be my first point of call.”


“My Consultant was highly impressed with the resultant images which were both crystal clear and very detailed. This is definitely the machine of the future."


"I just wanted to say thank you very much for talking to me prior to my visit and to ask you to pass on a big thank you to the staff who were on duty on Friday, as I managed to go through with having the MRI without distress."


"I was a particularly nervous patient who thought I would never manage to get through the scan on a horizontal scanner. I nearly skipped out of the clinic afterwards - the relief was so great at getting it done"


Courtesy of  Upright Open MRI Ltd