Claustrophobia and MRI


Anyone who has undergone an MRI examination at least once, knows how the procedure can result very uncomfortable in traditional “closed” systems.


Despite all “patient preparation” tools aimed at reducing the patient’s anxiety, an MRI procedure can cause discomfort or, worse, trigger adverse claustrophobic reactions.


Even so called “open” or “wide open” scanners cause panic and distress.


Patients who result unable to finish the MRI procedure because of negative reactions due to severe anxiety have been estimated to be 15% of total .


Paramed’s open sky MRI system, the MROpen, has been designed with the claustrophobic patient in mind, and developed to provide exceptional comfort, eliminating the problem of anxiety and claustrophobia.


Patients travel long distance abroad or overseas, to find the closest MROpen clinical site.


This increasing trend shows how MROpen can really make the difference for claustrophobic patients, enabling them to undergo the MRI procedure that can change their medical condition and, ultimately, their life.


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