Patient comfort and MRI


One of the key values of Paramed Medical Systems has always been, since the very beginning, to put patients first.


Open MRI systems provide superior comfort, greatly reducing the problem of claustrophobia and patient anxiety that often occurs in closed “tunnel” systems, causing concern and distress in both patients and MRI operators.


Paramed has developed Open MRI systems designed around the patient.



MRJ3300 the next step in Musculoskeletal MRI, provides the highest comfort in its category. Learn more



MROpen, the Open Sky MRI system, has raised patient comfort to a new level, never seen before. The vertical opening accommodates larger, claustrophobic, elderly or young patients, or those who  are in pain, by providing an “open sky”, scanner with  no barrier between the patient and the environment. Learn more


Paramed brings MR imaging TO the patient,


FOR the patient